Celebrate Biking with Island Press!

Celebrate biking with Island Press

Washington Area Bicyclists Association

Biking for Everyone

In urban space, it takes more than paint on pavement to make biking seem like a low stress option for everyone.

Bikes have a place on the road. Let’s just start there.

But here’s the thing: riding your bike on a busy road isn’t always fun. It can be stressful and noisy. It can be nerve-wracking. All it takes is one close call with an impatient or inattentive driver to turn a sunny morning ride into an adrenaline rattled experience in frustration.

Maybe, like us, you are one of the folks who has overcome that frustration. Maybe you’ve found a supportive peer group, or a route that will get you to your most common destinations with a stress level you’re comfortable with. Some combination of skill, enthusiasm, fitness and risk tolerance gets you through the busy traffic, through the blocks where the bike lanes end, and through the inevitable strained interactions with people in cars.

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In that sense, we’re the lucky ones. For us, the joy and convenience of getting around on a bicycle outweigh the stress and perceived risk.

Low stress infrastructure like trails, sidepaths, and protected bike lanes are a way to tip that balance for more potential bicyclists. And when low-stress facilities connect to each other without gaps, they become more usable and more compelling to even more people.

When bicyclists and advocates talk about these protected places to ride, it’s important to be clear that we’re not just talking about making facilities better for those of us who already bike. We’re talking about opening up this mode of transportation to more people than ever before.

For WABA, well-connected, low stress bike infrastructure is an equity issue. Everyone in our region who wants to bike should be able to, no matter where they come from or where they’re going.

WABA is committed to making biking into a realistic transportation choice for everyone. We hope you’ll join us as we work toward this goal.

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WABA hosts bike rides and social events throughout the year to bring together the DC, Maryland and Virginia cycling communities. We host ride events to create a safe and welcoming space to ride your bike and to be a positive celebration of bicycling. WABA events bring awareness to and help support our ongoing advocacy, education and outreach initiatives. When you participate in a WABA event, you help fuel our ongoing efforts to build a more bike-friendly region.


For upcoming events, see the event calendar or see the event listings below for registration information and details. For more information about WABA’s events or to become an Event Sponsor, contact events@waba.org.



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