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City of the Week: Albuquerque, NM
This week BikeABQ tells their story.

Read how BikeABQ support a bike-friendly Albuquerque



The mission of BikeABQ is to increase the number of bicyclists in Albuquerque for transportation, health, and recreation. We provide education, advocate for the rights of cyclists, and work to create and preserve safe biking environments.



BikeABQs biggest impact on the cycling community is hosting an annual Bike Swap where individuals can bring in their new and used items to sell during a one day swap. This year marked the 20th annual event and turnout was as strong as ever. Close to a hundreds of bikes and thousands of parts and accessories were on hand for people, many of whom were new cyclist, to find the best deals of the year on gear. A few thousand people show up and it marks the organizations biggest fundraiser of the year.



The organizations biggest growing success story has been the regular use of free bike valets where cyclist can park their bikes in a guarded lot during farmers markets, festivals and the biggest event of the year in Albuquerque, the International Balloon Fiesta. Last year alone over 2,000 bikes made their way to the balloon park at the crack of dawn to watch the most photographed event in the world. 


Other major events include Bike to Work Day, where BikeABQ organizes dozens of rest stops around the city for commuters to stop and received free food and bike safety gear.



The bicycle is a powerful tool for social change. As we give people the tools to safely ride their bikes, we are building the road to a sustainable, environmentally friendly community. 


Of course the most lasting impact is our constant involvement with the city council and providing support for the continuous development of bike lanes and paths around the city. The biggest development right now is the completion of a 50 mile loop around the city.



New this year, BikeABQ is starting regular cruiser rides, which will be a slow paced social bike ride where beginners and experts can ride along side each other. The goal is to bridge the gap between hardcore cyclists and those who are a little timid to go on a group ride. They encourage everyone to grab that bike that has been collecting dust in the garage and come enjoy a nice friendly ride to make new friends and make an impact on the visibility of the strength of the cycling community in Albuquerque.



The organization also provides a regular newsletter to keep the cycling community informed about events, classes, certification courses, road projects and volunteer opportunities for various cycling related opportunities. For more information please go to and