Books by R. Edward Grumbine

  •  Environmental Policy and Biodiversity

    Jazz on the river

    Environmental Policy and Biodiversity

    R. Edward Grumbine

    Scientists and policymakers must work together if solutions to the biodiversity crisis are to be found. Yet all too often, scientific data are unknown or incomprehensible to policymakers, and political ...

  •  Ghost Bears
    Ghost Bears Michael E. Soulé

    Jazz on the river

    Ghost Bears

    Exploring The Biodiversity Crisis

    Michael E. Soulé

    In Ghost Bears, R. Edward Grumbine looks at the implications of the widespread loss of biological diversity, and explains why our species-centered approach to environmental protection will ultimately ...

  •  Place of the Wild
    Place of the Wild David Clarke Burks

    Jazz on the river

    Place of the Wild

    A Wildlands Anthology

    David Clarke Burks

    Where and what is the place of the wild? Is the goal of preserving biodiversity across the landscape of North America compatible with contemporary Western culture?Place of the Wild brings together ...

  •  Thinking Like a Mountain
    Thinking Like a Mountain R. Edward Grumbine

    Jazz on the river

    Thinking Like a Mountain

    An Ecological Perspective on Earth

    R. Edward Grumbine

    In Thinking Like a Mountain, we have excerpted a clear and inviting introduction to the science of conservation biology from Ed Grumbine's previous book, Ghost Bears. Grumbine offers a succinct and ...

  •  Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River

    Jazz on the river

    Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River

    Nature and Power in the People's Republic of China

    R. Edward Grumbine

    China’s meteoric rise to economic powerhouse might be charted with dams. Every river in the country has been tapped to power exploding cities and factories—every river but one. Running ...

About the Author


R. Edward Grumbine has been involved in integrating conservation science into resource management planning and policy since the 1980s. Currently on leave from Prescott College in Arizona, he is serving as a senior international scientist at the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan Province. His current work includes dam development impacts in the Mekong River, hydropower issues in the India Himalaya, and defining environmental security on China's western borders. He is the author of numerous academic papers and several books, including Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River: Nature and Power in the People's Republic of China, Ghost Bears: Exploring the Biodiversity Crisis, and editor of Environmental Policy and Biodiversity.