Books by Reed F. Noss

  •  Ecological Integrity
    Ecological Integrity David Pimentel

    Jazz on the river

    Ecological Integrity

    Integrating Environment, Conservation, and Health

    David Pimentel

    Global Integrity Project has brought together leading scientists and thinkers from around the world to examine the combined problems of threatened and unequal human well-being, degradation of the ...

  •  Forgotten Grasslands of the South

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    Forgotten Grasslands of the South

    Natural History and Conservation

    Reed F. Noss

    Forgotten Grasslands of the South is a literary and scientific case study of some of the biologically richest and most endangered ecosystems in North America. Eminent ecologist Reed Noss tells the ...

  •  Landscape Linkages and Biodiversity

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    Landscape Linkages and Biodiversity

    Wendy E. Hudson

    In Landscape Linkages and Biodiversity experts explain biological diversity conservation, focusing on the need for protecting large areas of the most diverse ecosystems, and connecting those ecosystems ...

  •  Large Mammal Restoration
    Large Mammal Restoration Melvin E. Sunquist

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    Large Mammal Restoration

    Ecological And Sociological Challenges In The 21St Century

    Melvin E. Sunquist

    Evidence is mounting that top carnivores and other large mammals play a pivotal role in regulating ecosystem health and function, yet those are the species that are most likely to have been eliminated ...

  •  Saving Nature's Legacy

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    Saving Nature's Legacy

    Protecting And Restoring Biodiversity

    Reed F. Noss

    Written by two leading conservation biologists, Saving Nature's Legacy is a thorough and readable introduction to issues of land management and conservation biology. It presents a broad, land-based ...

  • The Redwood Forest
    The Redwood Forest Reed F. Noss

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    The Redwood Forest

    History, Ecology, and Conservation of the Coast Redwoods

    Reed F. Noss

    Evidence is mounting that redwood forests, like many other ecosystems, cannot survive as small, isolated fragments in human-altered landscapes. Such fragments lose their diversity over time and, in the ...

  • The Science of Conservation Planning

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    The Science of Conservation Planning

    Habitat Conservation Under The Endangered Species Act

    Reed F. Noss

    Broad-scale conservation of habitats is increasingly being recognized as a more effective means of protecting species and landscapes than single-species preservation efforts. While interest in the ...

About the Author

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Reed Noss is the Davis-Shine Endowed Professor at the University of Florida. Noss is focused on systematic conservation planning at regional to continental scales. He has designed and directed such studies in Florida, the Pacific Northwest, California, the Rocky Mountains, and several regions of Canada, and has been an advisor to similar projects throughout North America and parts of Latin America and Europe. This work seeks to identify areas requiring protection from development and to devise management policies, approaches, and techniques that will maintain the biodiversity and ecological values of these areas and entire landscapes over time. 
Noss has helped to pioneer methods of integrating population viability analysis into reserve selection algorithms. He currently focuses on fire ecology, forest and grassland restoration and management, the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow and its dry prairie habitat, Florida Scrub-Jays, and the Florida Panther. An emerging theme is the responses of species (especially vertebrates) and ecological processes to environmental conditions along urban-wildland gradients. Road ecology (e.g., responses of wildlife to roads and the design of wildlife crossings and barriers to minimize impacts) and movement ecology (e.g., corridors and connectivity) figure prominently in this research theme.