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Paperback $25.00 ISBN: 9782831713199 Will Publish December 2011


  •  Restored Urban Streams
    Restored Urban Streams Ann L. Riley
  •  Chasing Water
    Chasing Water Brian Richter
  • The World's Water Volume 8
    The World's Water Volume 8 Peter H. Gleick
  •  River Notes
    River Notes Wade Davis
  •  Spring
    Spring International Union for Conservation of Nature


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International Union for Conservation of Nature

7 x 10

Spring is the the eighth title in IUCN’s successful WANI Toolkit series, which provides practical guidance on the implementation of integrated water resource management. The book uses practical cases to explain key principles in groundwater management and governance reforms. It shows water managers and decision-makers how to integrate ecosystem services into the management of groundwater withdrawal and recharge to underpin sustainability. Spring provides groundwater stakeholders with guidance on how to find appropriate solutions to problems ranging from legislative to technical to economic. It answers questions such as: How do I manage groundwater resources within a water basin system? How do I assess the impact of groundwater depletion on ecosystem services?  How do I manage ecosystems to sustain recharge? What are my groundwater rights?

Spring launch capacity building activities and network development aimed at supporting and enabling implementation of sustainable groundwater management in critical groundwater dependent regions globally.

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