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Paperback $19.95 ISBN: 9780975272480 Published October 2010


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Water Matters

Why We Need to Act Now to Save Our Most Critical Resource

 Water Matters
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Edited by Tara Lohan

232 pages | Four color throughout. | 8 x 9
Who controls our water resources and how much water do we have left? Can we enact meaningful changes in our personal lives, our policies and our laws to protect our remaining freshwater reserves? Can we learn to share water equitably with each other and the planet?
In this collection, some of the world's leading writers, activists, photographers, and artists have come together to answer those questions and put us on a path for change. Water Matters: Why We Need to Act Now to Save Our Most Critical Resource is a call to action and a solution-focused guide to solving our global water crisis. Authors take on both the good and the bad—the impact of climate change on water resources, the threat of privatization, and the challenge of thirsty agriculture, as well as a growing grassroots water justice movement, tools for watershed literacy, and success stories in conservation and efficiency.
Water Matters is a book that will make you pause for a moment to remember the life-sustaining value of water in our daily lives, and then inspire you to do everything you can to preserve and protect our threatened water resources.
Contributors include: Maude Barlow, Cynthia Barnett, Jeff Conant, Brock Dolman, Paula Garcia, Wenonah Hauter, Barbara Kingsolver, Jacques Leslie, Tara Lohan, Kelle Louaillier, Bill McKibben, Sandra Postel, Christina Roessler, Tina Rosenberg, Elizabeth Royte, Eleanor Sterling, Erin Vintinner, and William Waterway
"Seventeen essays describe the bottled water industry and agriculture's water practices, review the history of dams and America's water supply infrastructure, and lobby for the global water justice movement. The editor, who writes for AlterNet, adds color diagrams illustrating conflicts over water, diseases spread through water, and drinking water supplies in different countries. Color photographs of water bodies and art pieces from a New York exhibition are provided."
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