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Bird Migration and Global Change

 Bird Migration and Global Change
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George W. Cox

304 pages | 6 x 9
Changes in seasonal movements and population dynamics of migratory birds in response to ongoing changes resulting from global climate changes are a topic of great interest to conservation scientists and birdwatchers around the world. Because of their dependence on specific habitats and resources in different geographic regions at different phases of their annual cycle, migratory species are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
In Bird Migration and Global Change, eminent ecologist George W. Cox brings his extensive experience as a scientist and bird enthusiast to bear in evaluating the capacity of migratory birds to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.
Cox reviews, synthesizes, and interprets recent and emerging science on the subject, beginning with a discussion of climate change and its effect on habitat, and followed by eleven chapters that examine responses of bird types across all regions of the globe. The final four chapters address the evolutionary capacity of birds, and consider how best to shape conservation strategies to protect migratory species in coming decades.
The rate of climate change is faster now than at any other moment in recent geological history. How best to manage migratory birds to deal with this challenge is a major conservation issue, and Bird Migration and Global Change is a unique and timely contribution to the literature.
"An excellent review of the challenges that global climate change poses to migratory birds. This timely and important book provides a valuable perspective and essential science-based foundation for conservation plans that will safeguard the future of land, freshwater, and marine birds."
Frank Gill, author of Ornithology

"A wonderful and insightful work, Bird Migration and Global Change provides the first accessible and comprehensive guide to the leading conservation concern of our time. Written by a world authority, this definitive work introduces the subject ecologically, physiologically, and geographically in ways that promote clarity and understanding."
Keith L. Bildstein, Director, Acopian Center for Conservation Science, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

"Recent rapid climate change has largely been caused by human activity and affects migratory birds with major consequences for Earth's ecosystems. Bird Migration and Global Change is a thorough and thoughtful treatise on a critical topic, and a much-needed reference work for the conservation community."
Frederick R. Gehlbach, Professor of biology, Baylor University

"Birds are exquisitely sensitive to alterations in habitat, and there is no question that they, especially migrant species, will be afected by a global change in climate. Cox (emer., San Diego State) attempts to assess what groups will be most affected and how...To condense so many major topics into less than 300 pages is no small feat, and Cox has produced a readable, nontechnical introduction to the topic, if not the definitive study."

"This is an authoritative and scholarly book that is totally accesible to the interested bird-oriented or climate/conservation-oriented audience."
Greg Laden's Blog

"Cox has written a valuable overview of our present knowledge of the effect of global climate change on migratory birds. The book is timely and informative and will be a valuable resource for field ornithologists, wildlife managers, and environmental scientists."
The Condor

"This book is a valuable resource not only for the compilation of facts but also for its broad scope...The breadth of information is commendable, as is the scholarship of writing."

"This is a book that I hope will be updated so that it can continue to serve as a readable reference on the subject. Land management agency planners, managers, biologists, ecologists, and others should read this book to obtain important background on climate change and work to put in place programs of natural community restoration and maintenance."
Natural Areas Journal

"Overall, this book is an excellent review that bird enthusiasts will appreciate as a comprehensive resource."
Austral Ecology

PART I. Introduction
Chapter 1. Bird Migration and Global Change: The Birds and the Issues
PART II. The Changing Environment
Chapter 2. Global Climate Change
Chapter 3. Global Climate Change and Alteration of Migratory Bird Habitats
Chapter 4.Other Global Change Threats to Migratory Bird Habitats
PART III. Ecological Responses of Migratory Birds to Global Change
Chapter 5. Physical and Biotic Challenges to Migratory Bird Responses
Chapter 6. Northern Hemisphere Land Birds: Short-distance Migrants
Chapter 7. High-latitude Land Birds: Nearctic-Neotropical Migrants
Chapter 8. High-latitude Species of Land Birds: Palearctic Long-distance Migrants
Chapter 9. Land Birds of the Temperate Southern Hemisphere
Chapter 10. Tropical Land Birds
Chapter 11. Raptors
Chapter 12. Shorebirds
Chapter 13. Waterfowl and Other Water Birds
Chapter 14. Oceanic Birds: Northern Atlantic, Baltic, and Mediterranean Regions
Chapter 15. Oceanic Birds: North Pacific
Chapter 16. Oceanic Birds: Southern Hemisphere
PART IV. Evolutionary Responses of Migratory Birds
Chapter 17. Land Birds: Evolutionary Adaptability
Chapter 18. Water Birds: Evolutionary Adaptability
PART V. Prospects
Chapter 19. Capacity for Adjustment by Migratory Birds
Chapter 20. Conservation in an Era of Global Change
Appendix 1. Common and Scientific Names of Species Discussed in the Text
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