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All Ebook Formats $24.99 ISBN: 9781610912747 Published February 1987


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Green Fields Forever

The Conservation Tillage Revolution In America

 Green Fields Forever
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Charles E. Little

209 pages | 6 x 9
Green Fields Forever changes the way Americans think about agriculture. It is the story of 'conservation tillage'--a new way to grow food for the first time that works with, rather than against, the soil. Farmers who are revolutionizing the course of American agriculture explain how conservation tillage works.

Chapter 1. The Tillage Revolution
Chapter 2. A Different Kind Of Farmer
Chapter 3. The Saga Of The Moldboard Plow
Chapter 4. Old Yellow
Chapter 5. A Handful Of Earth
Chapter 6. The Enemy Beneath
Chapter 7. Beyond The Mongongo Tree
Chapter 8. Old Farms, New Lives
Postscript: A Personal Note
List Of Principal Sources
Appendix I - Conservation Tillage Information Center Survey Of Tillage Practices, 1985
Appendix Ii - National And State Sources Of Information On Conservation Tillage
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