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All Ebook Formats $24.99 ISBN: 9781610910774 Published August 2006
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The Great Lakes Water Wars

The Great Lakes Water Wars
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Peter Annin

320 pages | figures, photos, maps | 6 x 9
The Great Lakes are the largest collection of fresh surface water on earth, and more than 40 million Americans and Canadians live in their basin. Will we divert water from the Great Lakes, causing them to end up like Central Asia's Aral Sea, which has lost 90 percent of its surface area and 75 percent of its volume since 1960? Or will we come to see that unregulated water withdrawals are ultimately catastrophic?
Peter Annin writes a fast-paced account of the people and stories behind these upcoming battles. Destined to be the definitive story for the general public as well as policymakers, The Great Lakes Water Wars is a balanced, comprehensive look behind the scenes at the conflicts and compromises that are the past-and future-of this unique resource.
"This is the definitive book about the fight over Great Lakes water. The book does for the Great Lakes what Ansel Adams' photos did for Yosemite—shows the world what a precious and irreplaceable resource the Great Lakes are, and why it is so important that they be protected."
Noah Hall, Professor, School of Law, Wayne State University

"Peter Annin has put his considerable skills as a journalist to good use. The Great Lakes Water Wars is elegantly written, clearly and logically organized, and anchored to a set of marvelous stories. It is the definitive book on the struggle over the Great Lakes."
Robert Glennon, Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of Arizona College of Law

"Excellent primer for getting up to speed on what could be one of the region's most important—and contentious—issues in the coming decades."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Fascinating and ambitious book . . . . Annin . . . breathes life into the subject of water laws and their related policy."
Toledo Blade

"Well-written volume...offers an intriguing, comphrensive look...and should be a valuable reference for water and international policy makers, academics, and public officials . . . . Highly recommended."

"This is a thoroughly researched, well-balanced, and captivating history and analysis of the increasing tensions and possible solutions related to water use and diversion from the Great Lakes. It is both inspiring and a startling reminder of the Lakes' vulnerabilities. Everyone who lives in the Great Lakes Basin should read it; everyone who takes freshwater for granted should read it."
Deborah L. Swackhamer, codirector, Water Resources Center and Professor of environmental chemistry, University of Minnesota

"Water is the life blood of the forty million people who live in the Great Lakes Basin. Great Lakes Water Wars is a captivating account of past challenges as well as the social, economic, and ecological challenges we must overcome as our insatiable thirst exceeds nature's ability to provide. It is a comprehensive and easy read, placing Great Lakes water woes in a global context. This book should be required reading for anyone whose life depends on Great Lakes water."
Michael P. Dombeck, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"We are definitely leaving the century of oil behind, and we are entering the century of water. The value globally of fresh, potable water is expected to increase significantly. "

Author's Note
PART I. Hope & Hopelessness
Chapter 1. To Have and Have Not--The Great Lakes and the global water picture
Chapter 2. The Aral Experiment--Are there lessons that the Great Lakes can learn from the Aral Sea's desiccation?
Chapter 3. Rising Temperatures, Falling Water?--Impacts of climate change on the Great Lakes watershed
Chapte 4. A History of Desire--Diversion fears prompt protective measures in the Great Lakes region
PART II. Battle Lines & Skirmishes
Chapter 5. Reversing a River--The conflicted history of the Chicago River diversion
Chapter 6. Long Lac & Ogoki--Two large diversions into the Great Lakes affect the entire Basin
Chapte 7. Pleasing Pleasant Prairie--A Wisconsin town's diversion permit prompts lingering questions
Chapte 8. Sacrificing Lowell--An Indiana community's request for Great Lakes water is denied
Chapter 9. Tapping Mud Creek--A consumptive use case tests the Great Lakes Charter
Chapter 10. Akron Gets the Nod--An Ohio town gets Great Lakes water and controversy follows
PART III. New Rules of Engagement
Chapter 11. The Nova Group & Annex 2001--An export idea sparks calls for more water controls
Chapter 12. Marching Toward A Compact--Pulling together a modern, binding water management accord
Chapter 13. Waukesha Worries--A Wisconsin suburb emerges as the next diversion battleground
Chapter 14. Who'll Win the War?--How future Great Lakes water tensions will be resolved
Epilogue: The Water Awakening
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