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Life Between Buildings

Using Public Space

 Life Between Buildings
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By Jan Gehl

216 pages
“. . .thoughtful, beautiful, and enlightening...”
—Jane Jacobs

“This book will have a lasting infl uence on the future quality of public open spaces. By helping us better understand the larger public life of cities, Life between Buildings can only move us toward more lively and healthy public places. Buy this book, fi nd a comfortable place to sit in a public park or plaza, begin reading, look around. You will be surprised at how you will start to see (and design) the world differently.”
Landscape Architecture
Chapter 1. Life Between Buildings 
-Three Types of Outdoor Activities
-Outdoor Activities and Quality of Outdoor Space
-Outdoor Activities and Architectural Trends 
-Life Between Buildings—in Current Social Situations  
Chapter 2. Prerequisites for Planning 
-Processes and Projects 
-Senses, Communication, and Dimensions 
-Life Between Buildings—A Process 
Chapter 3. To Assemble or Disperse  
-To Integrate or Segregate 
-To Invite or Repel 
-To Open Up or Close In 
Chapter 4. Spaces for Walking, Places for Staying
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