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Old Growth in a New World

A Pacific Northwest Icon Reexamined

 Old Growth in a New World
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Edited by Thomas A. Spies and Sally L. Duncan

360 pages | 6 x 9
Old-growth forests represent a lofty ideal as much as an ecosystem—an icon of unspoiled nature, ecological stability, and pristine habitat. These iconic notions have actively altered the way society relates to old-growth forests, catalyzing major changes in policy and management. But how appropriate are those changes and how well do they really serve in reaching conservation goals?

Old Growth in a New World untangles the complexities of the old growth concept and the parallel complexity of old-growth policy and management. It brings together more than two dozen contributors—ecologists, economists, sociologists, managers, historians, silviculturists, environmentalists, timber producers, and philosophers—to offer a broad suite of perspectives on changes that have occurred in the valuing and management of old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest over the past thirty years. The book

• introduces the issues and history of old-growth values and conservation in the Pacific Northwest;
• explores old growth through the ideas of leading ecologists and social scientists;
• addresses the implications for the future management of old-growth forests and considers how evolving science and social knowledge might be used to increase conservation effectiveness.

By confronting the complexity of the old-growth concept and associated policy and management challenges, Old Growth in a New World encourages productive discussion on the future of old growth in the Pacific Northwest and offers options for more effective approaches to conserving forest biodiversity.

"Readers will find this a very informative and enjoyable synthesis of the concepts that have evolved regarding Pacific Northwest old-growth forests."

PART I. Introduction and History
Chapter 1. Searching for Old Growth \ Thomas A. Spies and Sally I. Duncan
Chapter 2.  Historical Context of Old-Growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest—Policy, Practices, and Competing Worldviews \ K. Norman Johnson and Frederick J. Swanson
PART II. Exploring Old Growth Through Ecological and Social Sciences
Chapter 3. Science of Old Growth, or a Journey into Wonderland \ Thomas A. Spies
Chapter 4. Old-Growth Forest as Wildlife Habitat \ Barry R. Noon
Chapter 5. Maintaining Biodiversity in Managed Forests \ Andrew B. Carey
Chapter 6. Fish and Old-Growth Forests \ Gordon H. Reeves and Peter A. Bisson
Chapter 7. Contribution of Old-Growth Timber to REgional Economies in the Pacific Northwest \ Richard W. Haynes
Chapter 8. Sacred Trees \ Robert G. Lee
Chapter 9. Old Growth and a New Nature: Ambivalence \ Jim Proctor
Chapter 10. Common Sense Versus Symbolism: The Case for Public Involvement in the Old-Growth Debate \ Brent S. Steel
PART III. Values, Conflicts, and a path Toward Resulution
Chapter 11. Starting the Fight and Finishing the Job \ Andy Kerr
Chapter 12. A Private-Lands and State-Lands Perspective \ Howard Sohn
Chapter 13. Getting from "No" to "Yes": A Conservationist's Perspective \ Rick Brown
Chapter 14. Old Growth: Failures of the Past and Hope for the Future \ Ross Mickey
Chapter 15. In the Shadow of the Cedars: Spiritual Values of Old-Growth Forests \ Kathleen Dean Moore
Chapter 16. Old Growth: Evolution of an Intractable Conflict \ Julia M. Wondolleck
PART IV. The Challenges of Change—New Worlds for Old Growth
Chapter 17. Increasing Difficulty of Active Management on National Forests—Problems and Solutions \ Jack Ward Thomas
Chapter 18. Is Adaptive Management Too Risky for Old-Growth Forests? \ George H. Stankey
Chapter 19. Nontimber Economic Values of Old-Growth Forests: What Are They, and How Do We Preserve Them? \ John Loomis
Chapter 20. Regional Conservation of Old-Growth Forests in a Changing World: A Global and Temporal Perspective \ Hal Salwasser
Chapter 21. Moving Science and Immovable Values: Clumsy Solutions for Old-Growth Forests \  Denise Lach
PART V. Managing an Icon
Chapter 22. Conserving Old-Growth Forests and Attributes: Reservation, Restoration, and Resilience \ Jerry F. Franklin
Chapter 23. Managing Young Stands to Develop Old-Growth Characteristics \ Jahn Tappeiner
Chapter 24. Managing Forest Landscapes and Sustaining Old Growth \ Chadwick Dearing Oliver
Chapter 25. Unexplored Potential of Northwest Forests \ Bettina von Hagen
PART VI. Synthesis
Chapter 26. Old Growth in a New World: A Synthesis \ Sally L. Duncan, Denise Lach, and Thomas A. Spies
Chapter 27. Conserving Old Growth in a New World \ Thomas A. Spies, Sally L. Duncan, K. Norman Johnson, Frederick J. Swanson, and Denise Lach
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