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All Ebook Formats $49.99 ISBN: 9781597268721 Published April 1991
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Steady-State Economics

Second Edition With New Essays

 Steady-State Economics
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Herman Daly

318 pages | 6 x 9

First published in 1977, this volume caused a sensation because of Daly's radical view that "enough is best." Today, his ideas are recognized as the key to sustainable development, and Steady-State Economics is universally acknowledged as the leading book on the economics of sustainability.

Preface To The Second Edition
Preface To The First Edition
PART I. The Steady-state Economy
Chapter 1. An Overview Of The Issues
Chapter 2. The Concept Of A Steady-state Economy
Chapter 3. Institutions For A Steady-state Economy
Chapter 4. Efficiency In The Steady-state Economy
PART II. The Growth Debate
Chapter 5. A Catechism Of Growth Fallacies
Chapter 6. Energy And The Growth Debate
Chapter 7. Developing Economies And The Steady State
Chapter 8. Conclusion: On Biophysical Equilibrium And Moral Growth
PART III. Further Essays In The Economics Of Sustainability
Chapter 9. The Steady-state Economy: Alternative To Growthmania
Chapter 10. The Circular Flow Of Exchange Value And The Linear Throughput Of Matter-energy: A Case Of Misplaced Concreteness
Chapter 11. Alternative Strategies For Integrating Economics And Ecology
Chapter 12. The Economic Growth Debate: What Some Economists Have Learned, But Many Have Not
Chapter 13. Sustainable Development: From Concept And Theory Toward Operational Principles
PART IV. The Debate Continues: Reviews And Critiques By Herman E. Daly
Chapter 14. Review Of The Ultimate Resource
Chapter 15. Review Of Population Growth And Economic Development: Policy Questions
Chapter 16. Thermodynamic And Economic Concepts As Related To Resource-use Policies: Comment
Chapter 17. A. N. Whitehead's Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness: Examples From Economics
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