A New Century for Natural Resources Management

A New Century for Natural Resources Management


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Edited by Richard L. Knight and Sarah F. Bates

411 pages pages | 6 X 9

This book explores the changes that are leading to a new century of natural resources management. It places the current situation in historical perspective, analyzes the forces that are propelling change, and describes and examines the specific changes in goals, policy, and practice that are transforming all aspects of natural resources management.The book is an important overview for wildlife biologists, foresters, and others working for public land agencies; professors and students of natural resources; and all those whose livelihood depends on the use of public natural resources.




PART I. The Beginning of Natural Resources Management

Chapter 1. The Oldest Task in Human History

Chapter 2. The Federal Land Management Agencies

Chapter 3. Traditional Approaches and Tools in Natural Resources Management

Chapter 4. Traditional Education in Natural Resources

Chapter 5. The Traditional Economics of Natural Resources Management

Chapter 6. The Traditional Ethics of Natural Resources Management


PART II.  Tension: The Beginning of The Shift

Chapter 7. A World that Takes Its Environment Seriously

Chapter 8. Redefining ''Multiple Use''?: Agency Responses to Changing Social Values

Chapter 9. Natural Resource Agencies: Questioning the Paradigm

Chapter 10. Natural Resource Agencies: Transforming from Within

Chapter 11. Old Players with New Power: The Nongovernmental Organizations

Chapter 12. Natural Resources Management by Litigation

Chapter 13. Shifting and Broadening the Economic Paradigm toward Natural Resources

Chapter 14. Thinking about Natural Resource-Dependent Economies: Moving Beyond the Folk Economics of the Rearview Mirror


PART III. The Future

Chapter 15. The Shifting Paradigm in Ecology

Chapter 16. New Approaches, New Tools: Conservation Biology

Chapter 17. New Directions in Education for Natural Resources Management

Chapter 18.  Managing Natural Resources as Social Value

Chapter 19. Ecological Economics: Toward a New Transdisciplinary Science

Chapter 20. Global Environmental Ethics: A Valuable Earth

Chapter 21. Three Bear Stories: Toward a Sustainable Resource Management Future




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411 pages pages | 6 X 9
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