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Washington, D.C. (February 25, 2015) — With the Rewilding Adventure sweepstakes, Island Press is excited to offer readers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join noted conservation biologist and Earthwatch Lead Scientist Cristina Eisenberg for a field excursion to observe wildlife including wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines, lynx, and cougars in Yellowstone National Park.


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Washington, DC (February 19, 2015) — Parks and other types of protected areas are perhaps the most visible product of the conservation movement. But as the debate over the “Anthropocene” continues to rage, a camp of “new environmentalists” argues that human dominion has touched every corner of the planet and protected areas simply pretend it hasn’t—and shortchange human needs in the process.


Protecting the Wild: Parks and...


Edward Struzik stopped by CBC's Quirks and Quarks to talk about how the Arctic is changing and what that means for our future.



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"A Stormy Arctic Is the New Normal" excerpted by Scientific American offers a look at how the north is changing.



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Andy Dyer joins NPR's Diane Rehm Show to talk about pesticide and herbicide resistance.






Washington, DC (February 3, 2015) – The Arctic is often imagined as a desolate and remote place– far removed from the rest of the world. But after three decades, Arctic explorer Edward Struzik knows first-hand it is full of life – home to many native peoples and a diverse array of plants and animals whose fate is intimately tied to those who live in the southern hemisphere. In his new book, Future...


Ed Struzik talked about how the Arctic is changing, the differences between America's and Canada's responses, and how we can make the most of the opportunities the region offers.



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Yoram Bauman's and Governor Jay Inslee's carbon management proposals for the state of Washington were profiled by Grist.




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Ed Struzik joined NPR's Diane Rehm Show to talk about the Arctic and President Obama's proposal to expand wilderness protections in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.



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The first in a series of ongoing content for the new Island Press Urban Resilience Project, supported by the Kresge Foundation, on the topic of urban resilience has been published.



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