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Advance praise for Chasing the Red Queen:

"Insightful...A well-written and timely analysis of an increasingly dire agricultural dilemma."



Washington, DC (December 18, 2014) — There is a long battle raging in our fields, and it's one we can't seem to win. Even as we pour more and stronger chemicals (almost $40 billion worth a year now) on crops to try to tame pests and evict weeds,...



Emily Monosson stopped by the Environment in Focus radio show to talk about why bed bugs have returned.



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Brian Richter joined Colorado Matters to talk about water management and why reducing our water usage hasn't been enough.



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The Guardian's GrrlScientist blog wrote, "WOW! This deceptively slender book packs a helluva powerful punch....Like reading a dystopian novel, this book will capture your imagination and keep you awake into the wee hours. But unlike a dystopian novel, the author actually proposes evolutionarily-sound strategies for what we can do to stop the damage before it becomes lasting."






During his U.S. tour last month, Jaime Lerner stopped by Living on Earth in Boston to talk about his experience making change in Curitiba.



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Emily Monosson stopped by "Central Time" to discuss the flu vaccine and other questions about how chemicals and evolution interact.



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Washington, D.C. (November 25, 2014) — The real estate industry in America is at a crossroads: within a generation, most nonresidential properties will either be redeveloped or abandoned. In his new book, Foundations of Real Estate Development Financing: A Guide to Public-Private Partnerships, Arthur C. Nelson explains how timely redevelopment can...



Washington, DC (November 24, 2014) — From the Jersey Shore to New Orleans to Galveston, communities struck by natural disasters struggle to recover long after the first responders have left. We are used to believing that a catastrophe begins when the natural disaster strikes—but these events are actually symptomatic of underlying, chronic community problems, say the authors of Planning for Community Resilience....



Washington, DC (November 18, 2014) — As the American West continues to face a dire water crisis, leading water rights and policy experts Peter W. Culp, Robert Glennon, and Gary Libecap offer an outline for water reform. Their new e-book, Shopping for Water: How the Market Can Mitigate Water Shortages in the American West, produced in conjunction with the Hamilton Project at Brookings...