Island Press Partnerships

In the past year, Island Press has made great headway in expanding our reach and span of influence across the country. In pursuit of this critical goal, Island Press has partnered with major venues, academic institutions, corporate headquarters, and media outlets in target cities across the United States. Using each partnership as a springboard, we have worked to get our experts in front of other important entities and reached additional gatekeepers with our messages. The targeted cities were selected based on the strength of their markets as well as for their status as regional centers for thought leadership and policy. 


As part of our ongoing partnership with the US Green Building Council, Island Press is now a USGBC education partner. Island Press will share educational material from books as well as author event content on USGBC’s new online education platform for members to gain further education in key focus areas and earn continuing education credits. USGBC is the largest and most influential organization dedicated to transforming the way buildings and communities are designed.

In 2009, Island Press partnered with Town Hall Seattle to offer the “Soundings: Island Press at Town Hall Seattle” speaking series in Seattle. Town Hall Seattle is a leading center for civic discourse in the Pacific Northwest, featuring a broad program of music, humanities, civic discourse, and world culture events. Visit our events page for upcoming Soundings lectures.

Society for Ecological Restoration

Island Press and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) have partnered to create a book series, The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration. SER provides reliable information and provocative discussion on ecological restoration. The Society’s members are practitioners, scientists, activists, and others in 56 countries who are actively engaged in repair and management of ecosystems.

Wildlands Network

In 2011, Island Press joined with The Wildlands Network to offer the TrekEast Book Club. The Wildlands Network works to protect wildlife in North America through the creation of Continental Wildways, connected mosaics of public and private land that provide habitat and safe passageways for wildlife to travel freely.

Island Press and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network are collaborating to create a book club that features titles from Island Press about the built environment. The Urban Sustainability Directors Network is a committed cadre of local government leaders and heads of urban sustainability initiatives who work together to address key sustainability challenges.