About Island Press

Island Press, a nonprofit organization founded in 1984, works to provide the best ideas and information in the field to those seeking to understand and protect the environment and create solutions to its complex problems.


Our philosophy is based around a three-dimensional approach to publishing, one that allows Island Press to spread the messages of our books far beyond just those who read them. Our publications are backed by coordinated campaigns to deliver their messaging in print, in person, and online using the latest electronic media tools and outlets. As the methods of information delivery evolve, so will the way Island Press provides solutions and inspiration to policymakers, practitioners, scientists, students, and activists. For more information about Island Press, read about our:



Our work starts long before publication, when we identify innovative thinkers and emerging trends in the environmental field. Our books are where the synthesis of ideas occurs, forming the foundation of our work. While Island Press publishes on a wide range of environmental topics, we have established a focus in five core areas:




These focus areas translate from print to practice through Island Press’ innovative programs and partnerships, all of which work to promote not only Island Press authors, but our mission as a whole. With these programs we are able to target practitioners that other organizations cannot, reaching a wide-ranging audience, one that includes thought leaders in the academic, NGO, government, business, and media communities.


Headquartered in Washington, D.C. Island Press is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code.