Island Press Programs

Island Press programs reflect our efforts to reach audiences with our messages beyond books in core topic areas. Our programs are adaptive and change with the greatest need based on information gaps. Currently we are focusing on climate change adaptation, conservation finance, and creating communication networks.




The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is an online community offering adaptation resources, forums, and case studies to help people across disciplines and sectors manage the environment in the face of rapid climate change.  



The Conservation Finance Network (CFN) is made up of partner organizations and an advisory committee that work together to advance cutting edge conservation finance ideas. An important element to this partnership are the Conservation Finance Boot Camps at Stanford and Yale Universities, weeklong workshops that equips conservation finance practitioners with the latest tools and training.


The Island Press Network is a community of global experts in urbanism, transportation, climate change, science, conservation, and the environment, assembled over our 27 years of publishing. We work to capture the lessons learned from projects across the globe and use that knowledge to create tools for other people confronting similar challenges.




The USGBC/Island Press GreenWorks book club offers a unique opportunity to combine the impact and reach of USGBC, the largest and most influential community of leaders dedicated to transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, with Island Press’ books and thought leaders.




Island Press has joined forces with Discovery, Inc. and their renowned sustainability blog Treehugger to develop the online book club Bookhugger. Each month, Bookhugger features a new Island Press title, offers weekly discounts to viewers, and presents a live-streaming web chat with an Island Press author and Treehugger journalist.