Wildlife Law

Wildlife Law

A Primer


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Eric T. Freyfogle and Dale D. Goble

360 pages pages | 6 X 9
Wildlife Law is a comprehensive and readable primer that provides an overview of U.S. wildlife law for a broad audience, including professionals who work with wildlife or who manage wildlife habitat, students across the spectrum of natural resource courses, landowners, developers, hunters, guides, and those associated with the field of private game ranching.


Authors Eric T. Freyfogle and Dale D. Goble are legal scholars who are experts in wildlife law. This book is the first ever to survey the entire field, covering state and federal law with a strong grounding in wildlife science. The writing style is lively and engaging, with descriptions of unusual and intriguing cases that illustrate key points and bring to life the importance and intricacies of the field.


The book includes thirteen chapters on topics such as


? what wildlife law is, what it covers, and what it seeks to achieve;

? constitutional issues and key federal statutes;

? wildlife liability issues, from spider bites to escaped zoo animals;

? state game laws, hunting and fishing rights of Indian tribes;

? and the Endangered Species Act.


Wildlife Law fills a long-standing gap in the literature and introduces readers to the basics of wildlife law while exploring such current controversies as endangered species protection, tribal fishing rights, game ranches, and the challenges of constructing wildlife corridors. It is a much-needed addition to the bookshelf of everyone working with or concerned about wildlife in the United States.

"In this primer on Wildlife Law, the authors have produced a text that is both easy to read and very interesting."

Wildlife Activist


Chapter 1. The Basics

Chapter 2. State Ownership and the Public Interest

Chapter 3. Capturing and Owning

Chapter 4. Wildlife on Private Land

Chapter 5. Inland Fisheries

Chapter 6. The Constitutional Framework

Chapter 7. State Game Laws and Liability for Harm

Chapter 8. Indian Tribal Rights

Chapter 9. Key Federal Statutes

Chapter 10. Wildlfie on Federal Land

Chapter 11. The Endangered Species Act: Species Listing and Critical Habitat

Chapter 12. The Endangered Species Act: Protections

Chapter 13. Biodiversity at the Landscape Scale




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"In this primer on Wildlife Law, the authors have produced a text that is both easy to read and very interesting."

Wildlife Activist
360 pages pages | 6 X 9
publication year: 
2 009