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Sabine Aronowsky

Sabine Aronowsky holds a MPA from Baruch College, CUNY, and received Baruch’s Susan Ponce de Leon Scholarship for commitment to affordable housing and community development. She is a community and media activist, life-long resident of Gowanus and Park Slope, Brooklyn and has served on the US EPA’s Community Advisory Group (CAG) in Gowanus since its inception in 2010, when the Gowanus Canal became listed as a Superfund site. Sabine has been passionate about environmental, climate and social justice issues, equity and resiliency since Katrina, when she took leave from her New York employment to assist as a responder and organizer in New Orleans and Baton Rouge to help locate missing persons, rescue pets and eventually rebuild homes. Sabine joined Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) in 2013 as the Campaign Manager for the South Brooklyn Accountable Development Initiative (SBADI). SBADI engages low- and moderate-income residents in local public processes to ensure accountability by government and private sector actors to assure that South Brooklyn neighborhoods are more affordable, inclusive, equitable and resilient, and is stewarding the Turning the Tide (T3) collaborative for local public housing residents to thrive in a changing climate as part of the Kresge Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity.
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