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Annika T.H. Keeley

Dr. Annika Keeley is a wildlife ecologist with expertise in landscape connectivity science. She earned her PhD at School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University. She has published several scientific research articles on aspects of wildlife corridors, ecosystem science, and animal behavior. She is currently a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Berkeley, systematically reviewing the literature in the intersection of connectivity and climate change science, as well as exploring the challenges and opportunities to implementing connectivity in California.

ForewordFriday: Understanding Fragmentation

Migrating wildlife species across the globe face a dire predicament as their traditional migratory routes are cut off by human encroachment. Forced into smaller and smaller patches of habitat, they must compete more aggressively for dwindling food resources and territory. This is more than just an unfortunate side effect of human progress. As key species populations dwindle, ecosystems are losing resilience and face collapse, and along with them, the ecosystem services we depend on. Healthy ecosystems need healthy wildlife populations. One possible answer?