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Beth Eckenrode

Beth Eckenrode co-founded AUROS Group in 2016 and is currently Board Chair.  Beth is a collaborative leader with a track record of delivering business results in a broad range of operating roles, functions, industries and environments.  She has successfully built and developed high performance teams as an executive, a consultant and an entrepreneur.  Beth is accomplished in the fields of strategy, general management, marketing, business development, executive coaching, training, facilitation and conflict resolution.  She has been called upon to consult for startup companies and multi-nationals and is most often tapped to provide strategic and tactical guidance to address complex business problems.
Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Beth is certified RESET AP with Regenerative Ecological Social & Economic Targets, Fitwel Ambassador with Centers for Active Design’s Fitwel Certification Program and is a Strategic Advisor to the North American Passive House Network.  She is a member of Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Pittsburgh-based Green Building Alliance.
Her entrepreneurial passion was the impetus for creating AUROS360, as she recognized the opportunity to use technology to provide building owners a pathway for confidently investing in sustainability strategies.  AUROS360 is the first system of its kind to use technology to balance sustainability goals with first costs and long-term operating costs.
Beth is co-author of the upcoming book, The Power of Existing Buildings—Save Money, Improve Health and Reduce Environmental Impacts.  The holistic nature of AUROS360 exposed a need in the construction industry to find cost effective ways of making old buildings perform like new.  Building owners and developers currently invest in existing buildings primarily to fix what is broken or at lifecycle.  AUROS360 provides a map that optimizes investments in existing buildings to cost effectively achieve the highest performance possible in terms of energy consumption and occupant health and productivity.  The new book provides a step by step approach for owners looking to meet the ever-increasing demands of governments, tenants and building occupants on existing building performance.  Beth is frequently asked to speak on disruptive innovation and evidence-based performance.
The Power of Existing Buildings

The Power of Existing Buildings

Save Money, Improve Health, and Reduce Environmental Impacts

Your building has the potential to change the world. Existing buildings consume approximately 40 percent of the energy and emit nearly half of the carbon dioxide in the US each year. In recognition of the significant contribution of buildings to...