David Bidwell is an environmental social scientist whose specific interests revolve around the structure of public attitudes and mechanisms of attitude change. Prof. Bidwell recently served as the program manager of the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center (GLISA), a NOAA-funded collaboration of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. As part of a network of Regional Integrated Science and Assessments organizations, GLISA worked closely with boundary organizations, as well as climate and social scientists, to build capacity for the adaptation to climate change and variability in the Great Lakes region. Bidwell also co-edited Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region: Navigating an Uncertain Future, a collection of chapters by eminent scholars on climate and decision making.

Climate Change in the Midwest

A Synthesis Report for the National Climate Assessment

Developed to inform the 2013 National Climate Assessment, and a landmark study in terms of its breadth and depth of coverage and conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, Climate Change in the Midwest...