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Charles E. Little

Charles E. Little is the author of five previous books on land use and conservation and a dozen influential policy research monographs. Over a distinguished twenty-year career in conservation, he has served as the exectutive director of Open Space Institute, Senior Associate of the Conservation Foundation, head of natural resources policy research st the Library of Congress, and was founder and first president of the American Land Forum (now American Land Research Association).



Environmental Priorities For The Future

The environmental movement today is at a critical crossroads. Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future is an in-depth assessment of the movement's successes and failures, and also offers prescriptions for the future. It includes...

Green Fields Forever

The Conservation Tillage Revolution In America

Green Fields Forever changes the way Americans think about agriculture. It is the story of 'conservation tillage'--a new way to grow food for the first time that works with, rather than against, the soil. Farmers who are...