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Christopher B. Field

Chris Field is Director of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology and Professor by Courtesy in the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University. Trained as an ecologist, Chris has conducted environmental research from tropical rainforests to deserts to alpine tundra. He is a specialist in global-change research. An author or more than 100 scientific papers, Chris is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and a leader in several national and international efforts to provide the scientific foundation for a sustainable future. He is active in developing the international community of global change researchers, with involvement in organizations like SCOPE, IGBP, and the Global Carbon Project.

The Global Carbon Cycle

The Global Carbon Cycle

Integrating Humans, Climate, and the Natural World

While a number of gases are implicated in global warming, carbon dioxide is the most important contributor, and in one sense the entire phenomena can be seen as a human-induced perturbation of the carbon cycle. The Global Carbon Cycle...