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Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge is a three-time winner of the Glaxo/ABSW Science Writer of the Year Award. His career as a science writer includes serving as Features Editor at New Scientist, his own science program, Spectrum, on BBC Radio and freelance writing for The Independent, The Times, Natural History and The New Statesman.

In addition to Last Animals at the Zoo, he has written The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live, and Why They Matter; So Shall We Reap; The Time Before History; The Impact of the Gene; and coauthor (with Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell) of The Second Creation: Dolly and the Age of Biological Control.

Last Animals at the Zoo

Last Animals at the Zoo

How Mass Extinction Can Be Stopped

In Last Animals at the Zoo, Colin Tudge argues that zoos have become an essential part of modern conservation strategy, and that the only real hope for saving many endangered species is through creative use of zoos in combination with...