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Daniel Smith

Dan Smith was a 2000-2001 Carnegie Council Fellow, where completed a project on "Sustainability, from Local to Global." Co-editor of the book Ecology of Greenways, he completed his doctorate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Daniel Somers Smith teaches in the Environmental Studies department of Antioch University, New England in Keene, NH. He is interested in the history, ideas, and practice of nature conservation and environmentalism, and especially how critical analysis of this and other social movements can lead to more inclusive and far-sighted modes of action. He is also the author of Hidden Ecologies: The Paradox of Consumptive Environmentalism, which examines the intertwined histories of wildlands conservation and tourism in the New England and New York.

Designing Greenways

Designing Greenways

Sustainable Landscapes for Nature and People, Second Edition

How are greenways designed? What situations lead to their genesis, and what examples best illustrate their potential for enhancing communities and the environment? Designing greenways is a key to protecting landscapes, allowing wildlife to move...