David Barth

David Barth

Dr. David Barth is a registered landscape architect, certified planner, and certified parks and recreation professional who specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of the public realm. He is also an expert facilitator and strategic planner. He has developed parks and recreation system master plans for over 100 communities throughout the United States, including Washington, D.C; Miami-Dade County, FL; Norfolk, VA; downtown San Diego, CA; and the City of Raleigh, NC. He has also led the planning and/or design of hundreds of parks and trails including Orange County’s West Orange Trail, Martin County’s Indian Riverside Park, and the City of Kissimmee’s Lakefront Park. He was a co-author of the American Planning Association publication "From Recreation to Re-Creation," as well as a contributor to APA’s Planning and Urban Design Standards for parks and recreation needs assessments. Most recently he authored APA’s Planning Advisory Service Memo Alternatives for Determining Parks and Recreation Levels of Service.

David received his undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida; his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University; and his PhD in Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida.

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