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Fred Bosselman

A scholar and practitioner of energy and environmental law, Fred Bosselman was a partner in the Chicago law firm of Ross & Hardies and later practiced in Florida with the firm of Burke, Bosselman & Weaver. He was a graduate of the University of Colorado and Harvard Law School. Fred was co-author of the casebook Energy, Economics and the Environment (Foundation Press 2006) and the books The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Development (Cambridge University Press 2005) and Managing Tourism Growth (Island Press 1999), a member of the boards of the Sonoran Institute and the Santa Lucia Conservancy, and earlier served on the board of directors of the National Audubon Society and as president of the American Planning Association.

Managing Tourism Growth

Managing Tourism Growth

Issues And Applications

Tourism is by many measures the world's largest and fastest growing industry, and it provides myriad benefits to hosts and visitors alike. Yet if poorly managed, tourism can have serious negative impacts on tourist communities-their environment,...

The Takings Issue

Constitutional Limits On Land Use Control And Environmental Regulation

As challenges to land use and environmental controls by landowners and the property-rights movement have become more frequent, the concept of "takings" -- government action that excessively limits a property-owner's use of private land -- has...