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Fred Pearce

Fred Pearce has reported on environmental, science and development issues in more than fifty-four countries over the course of his career. He is based in London, England, where he is Environment Consultant and Contributor for New Scientist magazine. He is also a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, London Independent, Times Higher Education Supplement and Manchester Guardian and a broadcaster for the BBC. His books include The Dammed (Random House, 1992), the AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment (University of California Press, 2001) and the first popular study of global warming, Turning Up The Heat (Random House, 1989).
Keepers of the Spring

Keepers of the Spring

Reclaiming Our Water In An Age Of Globalization

Water has long been the object of political ambition and conflict. Recent history is full of leaders who tried to harness water to realize national dreams. Yet the people who most need water-farmers, rural villages, impoverished...