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Gerald Shively

Gerald Shively is Associate Department Head of Purdue’s College of Agriculture’s Agricultural Economics department. Professor Shively conducts nationally and internationally recognized research on agricultural development and the environment. His research focuses on the links among poverty, land and labor use, and natural resource management in developing regions of the world.

Feeding Our World: Combating Food Waste and Unequal Access

Moderated by Jessica Eise, co-editor of...

Moderated by Jessica Eise, co-editor of How to Feed the World, this webinar describes methods of achieving global food security, and illustrates the connection between developing equal access to food and reducing waste and loss in our food systems. The webinar features co-editor Dr. Ken Foster and contributor Dr. Jerry Shively of Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics, and includes an audience question and answer session.

Download the PowerPoint Presentation accompanying the webinar here.

Additional resources:

During the webinar Dr. Jerry Shively provided a link to a map created and maintained by the US Department of Agriculture that provides user-friendly, comprehensive, and searchable data on food access in the United States. You can access the map here.

In 2011 The Economist magazine published a comprehensive review article on feeding the world called “The 9 billion-people question.”  The article covers, in abbreviated form, some of the same issues as  How to Feed the World. It therefore serves as a complementary resource to the material in the book and includes some of the examples Dr. Shively described during the webinar. You can find the special report here.