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Joshua Farley

Joshua Farley is a fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and professor of community development and applied economics at the University of Vermont. He is coauthor with Herman Daly of Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications (Washington, DC: Island Press, 2003; 2nd ed., 2010), which helped define the then-emerging field of ecological economics. His broad research interests focus on the design of economic institutions capable of balancing what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically, and ethically desirable. He has previously served as the executive director of the University of Maryland’s International Institute for Ecological Economics. Farley is a fellow of Post Carbon Institute.

The Community Resilience Reader

Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval

The sustainability challenges of yesterday have become today’s resilience crises. National and global efforts have failed to stop climate change, transition from fossil fuels, and reduce inequality. We must now confront these and other...

Ecological Economics, Second Edition

Ecological Economics, Second Edition

Principles and Applications

In its first edition, this book helped to define the emerging field of ecological economics. This new edition surveys the field today. It incorporates all of the latest research findings and grounds economic inquiry in a more robust understanding...

Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics

A Workbook for Problem-Based Learning

Ecological economics addresses one of the fundamental flaws in conventional economics--its failure to consider biophysical and social reality in its analyses and equations. Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications is an introductory-...