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Kevin D. Walker

Kevin Walker is a professor at Michigan State University. Originally recruited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Walker directed a center focused on emerging issues affecting animal agriculture. He later became a Fellow with the Kellogg National Leadership Program and launched the Executive Leadership in Food Safety initiative where he proposed and developed a flagship training course with the World Trade Organization. He has also served on two Institute of Medicine National Research Council committees within the National Academies. 

Podcast: The Grand Food Bargain Author Kevin Walker

In the latest episode in our series of Urban Resilience Project (URP) podcasts in partnership with Infinite Earth Radio, host Mike Hancox speaks with Kevin Walker about The Grand Food Bargain, his new book that reveals the true costs of our seemingly cheap and convenient food system.

Kevin Walker Webinar with HERO on The Grand Food Bargain

Two full lifetimes ago consuming more calories was always welcome, taste was secondary, and having enough food defined everyday life. Nowadays, the opposite holds true: our society is awash in calories and individuals expect their food to satisfy personal tastes and lifestyle preferences. Finding ways to turn out more food created new possibilities and made living easier. Yet, while we have been busy changing food, food has been changing us in unexpected and unforeseen ways.