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Kevin Heanue

Kevin Heanue, after a 40-year career with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, consults on transportation planning, environmental analysis, organizational development, and related issues. His consulting practice has included projects for the Eno Transportation Foundation, American Highway Users Alliance, Transportation Research Board, and FHWA. During his federal career, he served for eight years as director of the Office of Environment and Planning, administering statewide, intermodal, urban planning, and environmental programs. He is active in the Transportation Research Board and currently serves as chair of the Task Force on Transportation in a Sustainable Environment. In 1970?1971, he directed the Dublin, Ireland, Transportation Study for the United Nations Development Program. He has consulted with the World Bank in China and serves on the International Steering Group for the World Bank, Urban Transport Strategy Review. He holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Tufts University and an M.S. in civil engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Road Ecology

Road Ecology

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A central goal of transportation is the delivery of safe and efficient services with minimal environmental impact. In practice, though, human mobility has flourished while nature has suffered. Awareness of the environmental impacts of...