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Lance H. Gunderson

Lance Gunderson is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  He and CS "Buzz" Holling coined the term "Panarchy" in their 1995 edited volume Barriers and Bridges to the Renewal of Ecosystems and Institutions.   They used the word to title another edited volume in 2002, Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Systems of Humans and Nature.

Foundations of Ecological Resilience

Foundations of Ecological Resilience

Ecological resilience provides a theoretical foundation for understanding how complex systems adapt to and recover from localized disturbances like hurricanes, fires, pest outbreaks, and floods, as well as large-scale perturbations such as...

Monitoring Ecosystems

Interdisciplinary Approaches for Evaluating Ecoregional Initiatives

Often a commitment to large ecosystem initiatives is linked both conceptually and legally with requirements for ecological monitoring as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of management actions.

Resilience and the Behavior of Large-Scale Systems

Scientists and researchers concerned with the behavior of large ecosystems have focused in recent years on the concept of "resilience." Traditional perspectives held that ecological systems exist close to a steady state and resilience is the...