Lance H. Gunderson

Lance Gunderson is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  He and CS "Buzz" Holling coined the term "Panarchy" in their 1995 edited volume Barriers and Bridges to the Renewal of Ecosystems and Institutions.   They used the word to title another edited volume in 2002, Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Systems of Humans and Nature.

Island Press Authors Share the Love

This Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun for Island Press authors to share the love. We asked a few authors to choose their favorite Island Press book—other than their own, of course—and explain what makes it so special. Check out their responses below, and use code 4MAGICAL for 25% off and free shipping all of the books below, as well as books from participating authors. What’s your favorite Island Press book? Share your answer in the comments.