Madeleine Taylor

Madeleine Beaubien Taylor is the CEO and a cofounder with Peter Plastrik of Network Impact, which provides social-change agents with strategies, tools, research, and consulting expertise to design and use networks for increased impact. Madeleine is also a cofounder and principal of Arbor Consulting Partners, a social science research and evaluation consultancy located in Boston, Massachusetts. For more than 20 years, Madeleine has worked with public and nonprofit organizations and national foundations on strategy, program development and assessment, most recently with a focus on social-impact networks. Over the last decade, she has contributed to the design, implementation and evaluation of a wide range of network initiatives in the U.S., including place-based efforts to increase civic engagement, cross-sector initiatives to promote immigrant integration, network organizing to support policies that benefit rural people and places, and regional collaborations to end homelessness. Madeleine has led the development of innovative tools and approaches for network assessment and works with other field- builders to provide grantmakers and others with practical up-to-date information about effective network evaluation. Madeleine received her Ph.D. In Anthropology from Brandeis University and spent her early professional career working in southern Africa.  She currently consults in the U.S., Brazil and in her native Canada.

Connecting to Change the World

Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact

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