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Margaret O'Gorman

Margaret O’Gorman operates at the intersection of business and nature. As President of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), she helps companies find value in natural resources conservation and mainstream biodiversity across operations. She consults with multinational corporations to develop integrated strategies to implement conservation projects that meet business needs and, in so doing, enhance ecosystems, connect communities and engage employees. As president of WHC, she led the design of its signature Conservation Certification recognition, a voluntary sustainability standard which serves to define corporate conservation worldwide.

In her writings she focuses on pragmatic solutions and conservation implementation and highlights the problems of too much planning and not enough action. She is a proponent of simplifying approaches to conservation and opening the door to efforts that restore broken places, enhance existing ecosystems and return healthy biodiversity to all places. She has spoken before a wide array of industry groups across sectors including mining, building materials, oil and gas and, manufacturing. She has addressed the Business and Biodiversity forum at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s COP13, the Smithsonian Institute’s Conservation Optimism Summit, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Cement Sustainability Initiative, and Ireland’s National Biodiversity Conference.

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