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Matthijs Bouw

Matthijs Bouw, is an Associate Professor of Practice of Landscape Architecture, a Rockefeller Urban Resilience Fellow, and a Fellow for Risk and Resilience of the McHarg Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a founder of One Architecture & Urbanism, an award-winning architecture and planning firm, established in 1995, with offices in New York City and Amsterdam. His projects in the U.S. include continuing planning work for Climate-Ready Boston and climate-resilience plans for New York City.

Managing the Climate Crisis by Jonathan Barnett and Matthijs Bouw | An Island Press book

Managing the Climate Crisis

Designing and Building for Floods, Heat, Drought, and Wildfire

The climate, which had been relatively stable for centuries, is well into a new and dangerous phase. In 2020 there were 22 weather and climate disasters in the United States, which resulted in 262 deaths.  Each disaster cost more than a billion...