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Norman Myers

Norman Myers is a world-renowned environmental analyst; he has numerous important books to his credit and over 500 papers, he has won dozens of international awards for his work, including the Volvo Environment Prize (he was the first British scientist to receive it), UNEP Environment Prize (first British scientist to receive it), and the Blue Planet Prize (second British scientist to receive it). He lives in Oxford, England.

The New Consumers

The Influence Of Affluence On The Environment

While overconsumption by the developed world's roughly one billion inhabitants is an abiding problem, another one billion increasingly affluent "new consumers" in developing countries will place additional strains on the earth's resources, argue...

Perverse Subsidies

How Misused Tax Dollars Harm The Environment And The Economy

Much of the global economy depends upon large-scale government intervention in the form of subsidies, both direct and indirect, to support specific industries or economic sectors. Distressingly, many of these subsidies can be characterized...