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Peter Haas

Professor and Graduate Program Director; International Relations. Courses: International Relations Theory Proseminar, International Environmental Politics and Policy, International Political Economy, Globalization & Governance. Author:: Has 4 books, 21 journal articles, and 31 chapters in edited books. Most recent publications include “Pragmatic Constructivism and the Study of International Institutions” Millennium 2003, “Constructing Environmental Security from Resource Scarcity” Global Environmental Politics 2002, and “UN Conferences and Constructivist Governance of the Environment” Global Governance 2002.. Professional Activities: Constultant to U.S. Department of State, U.S. EPA, Commission on Global Governance, United Nations Environment Program. Member of the editorial board of Journal of European Public Policy, Global Environmental Politics, Policy Studies Journal, and MIT Press Series on Politics, Science and the Environment.

Global Environmental Governance

Global Environmental Governance

Foundations of Contemporary Environmental Studies

Today's most pressing environmental problems are planetary in scope, confounding the political will of any one nation. How can we solve them?Global Environmental Governance offers the essential information, theory, and practical insight...