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Randolph T. Hester

Randolph T. Hester is a founder of the Participatory Design Movement in landscape architecture. For 50 years he has engaged communities in transactive design, developing innovative techniques as new needs are identified. He has created internationally acclaimed democratic landscapes in places as diverse as Manteo, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Taiwan. His first books, Neighborhood Space (1975) and Community Goal Setting (1982), provide now classic techniques to uncover and apply cultural nuances to participatory design. Planning Neighborhood Space With People (1984) and Community Design Primer (1990) spell out a 12-step participatory process and a collection of his most effective design techniques to achieve civicness, cultural expression, and environmental justice. Design for Ecological Democracy (2006) describes a visionary yet achievable future based on enabling, resilient and impelling form. Hester is Professor Emeritus at the University of California–Berkeley and Director of the Center for Ecological Democracy. 

Design as Democracy

Techniques for Collective Creativity

Winner of the Environmental Design Research Association's 2018 Book Award How can we design places that fulfill urgent needs of the community, achieve environmental justice, and inspire long-term stewardship? By bringing community members...