Richard A. Margoluis

Richard Margoluis is Chief Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning Officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, where he works closely with the board of trustees and grantmaking teams to advance the organization's work in science, environmental conservation, patient care, and in the California Bay Area region. Before coming to the Moore Foundation, he was cofounder and codirector of Foundations of Success, in Bethesda, Maryland, where he worked with conservation practitioners around the world to define clear measures of success for conservation projects and principles for conservation strategies. 

Pathways to Success | Island Press

Pathways to Success

Taking Conservation to Scale in Complex Systems

As environmental problems grow larger and more pressing, conservationists have had to adapt. With a shrinking window of time to act, they are turning to broad approaches to combat continental- and global-scale crises of biodiversity loss,...

Measures of Success

Measures of Success

Designing, Managing, and Monitoring Conservation and Development Projects

Measures of Success is a practical, hands-on guide to designing, managing, and measuring the impacts of community-oriented conservation and development projects.