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Sandra Albro

Sandra Albro, research associate at Holden Forests & Gardens, investigates how improving soil and plants can boost the ecological and social value of vacant lots in Great Lakes cities. She is project manager for two projects that test low-cost, low-maintenance urban greening projects that manage stormwater and revitalize communities in Gary, IN; Cleveland, OH; and Buffalo, NY. Ms. Albro also serves as co-chair for the Cleveland Tree Coalition, a group of more than 40 businesses, organizations, and branches of local government that are working together to implement the Cleveland Tree Plan; and is a board member on the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership.

Vacant to Vibrant

Creating Successful Green Infrastructure Networks

Vacant lots, so often seen as neighborhood blight, have the potential to be a key element of community revitalization. As manufacturing cities reinvent themselves after decades of lost jobs and population, abundant vacant land resources and...