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Sandra Goldmark

Sandra Goldmark is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur. She is a respected and experienced set and costume designer, and is a leader in the field of sustainable theatrical design. Goldmark is also an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at Barnard College, serving the Barnard and Columbia undergraduate populations, and serves as the Director of Sustainability and Environment for Barnard College. She has her AB in American History and Literature from Harvard College, and an MFA in theatrical design from Yale University.
Goldmark is also the Founder of Fixup (formerly Pop Up Repair), an innovative social enterprise aimed at building a healthy model of household consumption. Pop Up Repair/Fixup has created an enormous positive response in the community and in the press, and Sandra has been interviewed by The New York Times, BBC, WNYC, MSNBC, Newsday, The Daily News, AMNY, Salon, FastCompany and many more.
Goldmark has become a respected authority on repair as a component of consumption and sustainability. She has a TEDx talk on the subject of repair, and has served on numerous panels, including for the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board, the NYC Center for Materials Reuse, and many more. Through Pop Up Repair and Fixup she has partnered with a wide range of organizations and businesses, including GrowNYC, Patagonia, and more.
Goldmark is the mother of two boys and founded Fixup with her husband Michael Banta in 2013. She lives in a New York-sized apartment and is no stranger to the challenges of dealing with clutter, waste, and real life at home today. Her down-to-earth perspective provides balance and humor and helps readers connect the big-picture themes to their everyday lives.
Sandra Goldmark’s unique professional and personal experiences create a surprising and insightful voice that will bring readers with her on a fun, insightful, and broad ranging examination of how our stuff shapes our lives and our planet.


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