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Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw is Director of Communications at the Union of Concerned Scientists. For the past decade, she has helped scientists translate their research into easy to understand public presentations, print articles, and online materials She has developed public education materials for major studies on the local impacts of climate change in the Northeast, California, and the Great Lakes region and a groundbreaking report on the pathway to a clean energy future, Climate 2030: A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Future. Shaw co-led the Union of Concerned Scientists’ effort to expose the abuse of science by the Bush administration, which garnered coverage in media outlets throughout the nation and was named one of the top stories of 2004 by Discover magazine. 

Prior to joining UCS, Shaw ran the communications efforts at Project Bread, a nonprofit organization fighting hunger in Massachusetts, and in the private-sector marketing a range of technology products. She earned a B.A. from University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising at Emerson College. She currently serves on the advisory board for Climate Access, a learning network for local, regional and national groups working on climate change.

Cooler Smarter

Cooler Smarter

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