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Zhiyun Ouyang

Zhiyun Ouyang is professor and director of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He leads unparalleled efforts to bring understanding of the earth system to bear on crucial societal issues of extreme poverty and environmental degradation research in a wide range of areas. He is focused principally on ecosystem services, ecosystem assessment, and ecological planning from city to national scales, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity conservation including the design of China’s new national park system, and policy and finance mechanisms for achieving green growth. He has opened the science of ecosystem services, ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity conservation and moved it into real-world practice, at scale in China and beyond. 
Ouyang has published over a dozen books and hundreds of scientific articles and reports, including more than 150 papers in international journals. His books include Developing Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) and Ecological Asset Accounting for Eco-compensation (2017), Ecological Security Strategy (2014), Regional Ecosystem Assessment and Ecosystem Service Zoning (2009). He serves as the president of Ecological Society of China, and the board member of International Association of Ecology. He has won three national Science and Technology Achievement awards of China.

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