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12 Reasons E-books Rule, as Told by Island Press Staff

Get ready! From 10/3-10/10, all Island Press e-books will be discounted at $4.99, exclusively through the Island Press website. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up your e-reader with all those Island Press titles you’ve been eyeing. We’re pretty pumped about it.

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Because some readers are still on the fence about e-books, we asked Island Press staffers to help explain why e-books are great. And you can trust us—we’re professionals.

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Without further ado, here are 12 reasons Island Press staffers love e-books.

1.) You can read them in the dark.

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Accio e-reader!

2.) They’re searchable.

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No more hours spent flipping through pages trying to find that one passage.

3.) You can read whatever you want on the train and no one knows what it is.

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We won't tell if you won't. 


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For when you want it NOW. 

5.) It frees up a hand for a cup of tea or snack while you read.

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*Sip* Ahhhhhh

6.) You can bring a whole library of books with you on vacation.

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No more checking an extra suitcase of books.

7.) Your dog cannot eat them.

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At least not as easily.


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Actual photo of a book eaten by an Island Press staffer's dog. 


8.) You can keep all of your books with you instead of picking just one.

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Choosing is hard.

9.) It’s much easier to move e-books.

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Physical books are beautiful, but heavy.

10.) We’re this close to putting the bookmark racket out of business.

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Apparently someone at Island Press really dislikes bookmarks.

11.) You can easily start a new book when you finish yours and are still waiting for a WMATA train.

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12.) And finally, e-books can help save you money!

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Especially during something like, oh, I don't know, the Island Press e-book sale? 

Have reasons we didn’t cover here? Tell us in the comments below!

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