Coal Blooded: Coal Power Plants as a Civil Rights Issue

A Changing Climate Means A Changing Society. The Island Press Urban Resilience Project, Supported By The Kresge Foundation And The JPB Foundation, Is Committed To A Greener, Fairer Future.

The team at the Island Press Urban Resilience Project is pleased to announce that we've recently embarked on a partnership with Infinite Earth Radio to bring the ideas of urban resilience thought leaders to the realm of podcasts!

For our first episode together, Infinite Earth Radio hosts Mike Hancox and Vernice Miller-Travis interviewed Jacqueline Patterson, who serves as Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. In the episode, Jacqui shares what motivated the NAACP to begin its energy and climate justice program. She also discusses why uninterrupted energy service should be looked at as a civil rights issue, as well as the negative health impacts of power plants on communities of color, as detailed in the new NAACP report Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People

Says Jacqui:

“As we define resilience in our work as a civil- and human-rights organization, we look at the structural inequities that make certain communities more vulnerable—whether it’s disasters or sea-level rise or other types of shifts—and as we build resilience, it includes eliminating those vulnerabilities.”

Listen below. You can also download the episode on iTunes and Stitcher.

The Infinite Earth Radio podcast is a weekly podcast produced by Skeo in association with the Local Government Commission.