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Executive Orders for 2014: Lucy Moore

Back in November of 2013, President Obama issued an executive order on climate preparedness. Because executive orders circumvent Congress within certain limits, they allow the president to implement action to address climate change and other issues. A few weeks ago I asked some of our authors to create their own executive orders to improve our handling of the environment. In this installment, we turn to Lucy Moore, a mediator, facilitator, trainer and consultant, specializing in natural resource and public policy disputes.

An Executive Order on Neighborliness

by Lucy Moore, author of Common Ground on Hostile Turf Although Executive Orders are usually directed at federal agencies mandating certain actions, I am today directing my attention to the citizens of this great land. Having become increasingly discouraged with the discord that prevails in our capitol, I am turning to you—the farmer and the financier, the broker and the baker, the teacher and the technician, the factory worker and the artisan—for help. The problems facing us may seem insurmountable but together we are a powerful force. I will continue to push for important reforms in Washington, but I cannot do it alone. If this country is to survive and realize its promise we must each take up the challenge to fix the critical problems facing us today. I am directing you, my fellow citizens, to look around you, see what needs to be done and do it. Start with small steps. Visit a neighbor who may need help. Clean up a playground. Clear brush and flammables from around your house and talk to your neighbors about the threat of wildfires. Watch for sources of contamination and pollution and report them. Take a concrete step to make your community healthier, happier, and more resilient to the crises of today and tomorrow. I am asking you to be a good neighbor and I promise you that there will be benefits beyond the physical changes in your environment. You will discover the power of the human connection. You will have hope and you will spread hope, and that is something that this country needs most of all.