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#Foreword Friday: What's That Forest Around Sochi? Edition

If you've been following Olympics news, you know it's not just quad throws, Yolo flips, and medal counts. Construction for the Winter Games has drawn serious complaints from environmentalists despite the government's original promise to set "new environmental standards." But to make matters more complicated, Sochi is nestled in a strip of temperate rainforest along the Black Sea called the Colchic forest. It's a fragment of forest that is home to endemic and rare species, leading Conservation International to classify it as a "global hot spot." If you thought rainforests were limited to places like the Amazon, you aren't alone. In this edition of Foreword Friday, Dominick DellaSala introduces us to the beautiful variety of rainforests to be found around the world from Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World, a 2012 recipient of Choice Magazine's "Academic Excellence" award.