#ForewordFriday: Future Arctic Edition

The Arctic is often imagined as a desolate and remote place that is far removed from the rest of the world. But after three decades, Arctic explorer Edward Struzik knows first-hand it is full of life – home to many native peoples and a diverse array of plants and animals whose fate is intimately tied to those who live in the southern hemisphere. Newly available in paperback and with an updated conclusion, Future Arctic: Field Notes from a World on the Edge, explores how climate change will reshape this region and cause tremendous ecological, cultural, and economic shifts across the world.

Struzik delves deep into archaeology to answer questions about how the land was changed in the distant past and then delves into present challenges. Being swept up in the terror of a rare Arctic cyclone leads Struzik to investigate how warmer ocean temperatures will fundamentally alter waterways and create fiercer storm surges and storms. Alongside scientists, he counts caribou herds, tracks polar bears, and ventures up cliffs looking for bird nests to survey which species will disappear and which ones will thrive. Through interviews and visits to native communities, he explains what the people who depend on the Arctic are losing and how they might adapt.

Future Arctic is a vivid tale of natural history populated with colorful characters, charismatic wildlife and remarkable landscapes. In it, Struzik illuminates the spirit and beauty of the Arctic and makes a compelling case for charting a new course to shape its future. Check out an excerpt from the book below.